Men’s guide to lingerie gift giving


If you are planning on surprising your wife, your girlfriend, your lady partner, or your significant other who happens to be of the female species by giving something kinky yet tasteful, then buying a nice piece of lingerie will do the trick. Gifting them a piece of these dainties means that you are showing her some love and expressing your sexual feelings toward her to break down a little vulnerability. Lingeries are something sexy and sensuous for females alike that can evoke something sensual within her, and with the right type, it can boost her confidence and release her wild side. The art of choosing the right lingerie may be quite hard for you male specimens, with all the different types to choose from. Here is a guide to venture into the decision-making process of finding the right type of lingerie to give to your woman as a gift.


fene28047efwThese breast holders come in various shapes and sizes, and just like shoes, one is not enough, a woman can never get too many of it. The first thing you have to do to pick out the best bra for your lady is by knowing their correct cup and bust size. Sneak into their lingerie drawer to figure it out their sizes or just ask them directly. Bras come in a variety of styles. From contour bras to balconettes to strapless bras, the choices are abundant. But if your looking for something fun and sexy, opt for a bralette which is the hottest new trend that is usually made out of lace and comfortable enough to sleep in and worn as sexy lingerie.


The same goes for knickers or as Americans call them, panties. There is a wide variety to choose from. From the least amount of coverage like the G-string, which essentially is just strings, to thongs which are revealing in the back, flaunts the butt and made out of body-hugging fabrics and also a more tasteful one with coverage like boy shorts which are tiny underwear shorts that are lacy and oh so cute.


nej83kaA sexy nightgown makes the woman wearing it feel that much more sensual. It somehow amps up their confidence if you choose the right one. Satin nightgowns are very comfortable to wear since their fabric have a soft feel to them, they also vary in styles, but lacy slips are the way to go for satin nightgowns. There is also chemises which are very short nightgowns that are made out of frilly and fun fairy light material. And if you are looking for something to channel her inner sensuality without being too extravagant, a babydoll is the way to go for something cute yet sexy.