Sex addiction refers to a sex disorder whereby an individual is unable to control his or her sexual urges. It is a situation whereby an individual has abnormal cravings for sexual activities. Apart from sex, one can be addicted to drugs, alcohol, junk food, and pornography. It feels shameful to be addicted to sex. You may find that you are becoming distant from your partner because you are ashamed of your feelings.

When you discover that you are experiencing some funny feelings as far as your sex life is concerned, it is good for you to ensure that you talk to your partner about it and seek quick assistance. This is meant to avoid adverse effects that result from sex addiction. For instance, if you remain silent about it, you might start cheating on your partner and who knows you might contract diseases such as HIV/Aids and any other sexually transmitted diseases and this will affect your partner too. Below are the signs and symptoms of sex addiction:

Readiness to have sex with anyone


This is one of the signs that someone is a sex addict. It is not normal to have sex with anyone whom you meet, but a sex addict does not care who he or she meets. The person is ready to have sex with anyone and anywhere. He or she will pay any price to have the sex at his disposal. The fact is that the person does not get satisfied. The person is ready to have sex, and even if it means paying a person, he or she will do it because they do not care about anything else but sex.


Engaging in masturbation

Another sign and symptom of sex addiction is masturbation. It is not normal for an individual to indulge in masturbation. But because one wants to feel the sexual pleasure he or she will masturbate. Unsatisfied sexual urges might make a person to find satisfaction by choosing to masturbate. Others may use sex toys to find the pleasure. Apart from that, some can turn to prostitution as a way of looking for sexual satisfaction.


Pornography is something that should be avoided because it is lewd. A sex addict enjoys watching pornography. The person finds satisfaction watching it because at times it might make the person start masturbating and as a result feel satisfied sexually. More than once the person will opt to watch pornography. When the person is free, he or she might choose to go and find pornographic videos and watch them, and this act may replace the time that was spent doing house chores, schoolwork, and doing other important jobs.

Feels anxious if not able to access porn

gcgfvcghvghjbvjhbAn addict will feel anxious if he cannot be able to access pornographic videos. Of course, the person will notice that he or she has a problem watching porn, but he cannot stop it. For example, he might want to stop going to watch strippers in a club but quitting is a problem. The person might stop socializing with friends but watch porn.